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Every Lucky Dog has the benefit of indoor and outdoor play space.

The versatility of our play areas provides comfort and safety for your dog during the hot Florida summers. Our indoor playgrounds have hand crafted dog doors which lead into secured outdoor sunning areas. Among some of the resort facilities your pup will enjoy while in daycare are the water playgrounds with (3) splash pools and misters, (2) extra large grassed outdoor play areas, (3) Astro-Turf outdoor play areas (synthetic grass),(3) indoor playgrounds with outdoor sunning access and a relaxing nap time area especially created for your dog to sleep soundly after lunch. Our staff pays close attention to each individual dogs needs. If your canine has special circumstances or just likes something done a certain way- we are here to help.

While in daycare, you may view their activities from our 16+ camera surveillance system, which our clients may access from any computer at any location around the world. Set up a play date today!


$27 per day

$16 per half day (6 Hours or less)

-Monthly Package=$360 ($12.00 per day)
Monthly package is valid for 30 days from the purchase date. Other Packages have no expiration date. The monthly package ($360/Month) rate is per pet. All other packages can be used for multiple pets in the same family.
-20 days= $400 ($20.00 per day)
-10 days= $220 ($22.00 per day)
-5 days= $120 ($24.00 per day)

Lucky Dog 24/7!!!!

Here at Lucky Dog we have staff on site around the clock, this means that your dog is always supervised Day and Night, and it also allows us to accommodate you with early drop offs as well as late night pickups.

For all of those clients that are on a daycare package (5 day, 10 day, 20 day or on the monthly package) all late night fees will be waived but you MUST make prior arrangements or sign up at the front desk otherwise the fees below will be applied to your account.


Lucky Dog Requirements

Vaccinations Required:

-Canine Distemper/ Parvo (DHLP, DHPP, DAP) (1yr or 3yr, Please notify for dogs younger than 4 months and older than 6 years)
-Rabies Virus (1yr or 3yr)
-Bordetella “Kennel Cough” (booster vaccination interval should be every 6 months)
Canine Influenza (Dog Flu Shot, Booster every 1yr) Starting on January 1st, 2012 Lucky Dog will be HIGHLY RECOMMENDING the K9 Influenza vaccine to all clients.

We highly recommend all pets to have their year round Flea/ Tick/ Intestinal Parasites/Heartworm prevention.

Please contact the front desk with any questions.

Other Requirements

All dogs MUST be at least 4 months of age to enter the Lucky Dog Facility for ANY service. In order to participate in social play during BOTH daycare and boarding services, the dog must be spayed or neutered by 6 months or at the time unfavorable mounting or aggressive behaviors are exhibited in that play group. Dogs 4 months or younger will only be able to participate in private daycare or private boarding if all puppy shots are completed AND two weeks have passed since the last shots were administered. Our vet’s have consulted with us and recommend a two week incubation period which allows a more substantial immunity before the young puppy enters the social environment with the other dogs.