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Dog Grooming Tampa

We do more than trim hair and nails

Our grooming spa provides a gentle and thorough experience with everything from bathing, clipping and decorative painting of nails. Cleaning ears, blueberry facials, or detailed scissor work on even the most challenging of breeds.

Lucky’s Full Groom:

Haircut, bath and blow dry, Brush, nail trim, sanitary clip, Ear clean/pluck, perfume and Bow/bandanna Call for Estimates!!

Lucky Bath While Boarding or Daycare

Bath, Brush, Blow Dry, Bows / Bandanas, Nails
0-20 lbs. = $14
21-40 lbs. = $15
41-65 lbs. = $17
65+ lbs.= $19

A la Carte:

Nail Trim $7, Ear Cleaning $7, Anal glands $10, Teeth brushed $15

De-matting and De-shedding* ask for a quote, …& more!